Furious Curious Cancer Survivor Protocol Part 2

Am I a prescriptive kind of extreme persona with a closed mind? No, far from it.
However I believe that we would all benefit if we get hold of a book by a Scandinavian lady doctor called Kristine Nolfi, a pioneer of self healing who survived breast cancer by adopting a raw food diet. She was a children’s doctor in Denmark, the land of dairy farms,  who got a tumor in the 1950s and instinctively went on a raw diet and chose to live on the beach. All that sunshine vitamin overdose COMBINED WITH FOOD IN ITS NATURAL STATE was not even in fashion back then. She was probably aware of the work with raw food to restore health that was done in Switzerland for arthritis etc…

To me her example is unusually foolhardy but instinctive and heroic because she even refused the removal of the tumor…That was something that Steve Jobs did albeit unsuccessfully but he didn’t tr to relax and he also had a different cancer. Dr Nolfi quit her job, made her way to an island in her native Denmark, healed her body and founded a raw food clinic in her country. The tumor dissolved and disappeared.
Look into raw food and  eat a lot , starting gradually. Eat  up to whatever level your body feels comfortable with and you will not regret it. To me 50% is enough for stage 3 and perhaps 80% for the next stage, 4. Of course, this is just my opinion! Stage 4 would benefit from visiting  an alternative cancer clinic similar to this lady pioneer’s clinic. The Hippocrates institute in the US was founded by Anne Wigmore, another woman. She was another stage 4 survivor who healed herself and went on to help others go the natural route.  A true wellness pioneer!

Watermelon Salad

An essential step to full proof your healing is to eat a lot of food high in fibre. Think prunes and other fibre rich food. I saw a scientific experiment online which measured the hormones before and after eating prunes. It works! Soak them overnight. California prunes! YES!

Learn the difference between water soluble and insoluble fibre and eat both. It’s fibre that removes excess estrogen from the body! Who eats enough in the fast food affluent West?

Dr Mercola, the online wellness guru advocates an unlimited quantity of vegetables for optimum health. He is also against grains which affect insulin levels and blood sugar. The latter is implicated in cancer.If you have to eat grains, make it less – and wholegrain.

According to the other equally famous guru, Dr Oz, a daily supplement of vitamin D (1200 Ius) (make it D3 and look at the Mercola site for the reasons why) can PREVENT TUMOR METASTASES, reduce cancer cells and help with estrogen inhibitors. Also eat calcium eg sardines, salmon and sesame seeds. I grind them in a coffee grinder. Ditto for the inexpensive miracle workers, the flax seeds! I was taking vitamin D which was prescribed to me in

Switzerland at this pharmaceutical high dose. Cod liver oil is another good source. I even give it to my cat for gum disease! Also sunbathe for half an hour, preferably naked on a daily basis. You make this hormone/ vitamin by sunbathing or just through sun exposure outside in your body. Places which don’t get a lot of sunshine have more breast cancer.In fact.  I attribute my survival in part to being diagnosed just after a great holiday on the island of Rhodes. I have read similar hypotheses online. It was possibly even a statistic!

My hubby is a Medieval history specialist and he loves living monuments like Rhodes! The hotel had a heart shaped swimming pool.

to be continued!