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Posted June 24, 2013 by furiouscuriouscancersurvivor in Uncategorized. Leave a Comment | EditersieKim Kardashian107075-original186271_100000743663290_971282783_q(1)NO COPYRIGHTI guess I am unconventional which can be a refreshing change from following the crowd. I have had a life which was ordinary and extraordinary by turns. I like to think that if I was born again I would like to come back as me again except less quarrelsome but still fiery. If you have cancer I hope you get some benefit from reading the posts on this blog. I cannot advise you on which way to follow. Ican only tell you that I have come across people who were stage 4 and survived. Some with a change of diet from eating more fruit and veg to a more radical 80% raw food regiment or by going to an alternative cancer clinic or exercising the illness out of their system. Or by doing a bit of everything I just mentioned. A faith in nature as well as determination are both key to survival! href=”https://furiouscuriouscancersurvivor.wordpress.com/about/”>Aboutme.

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    • Look at the post furious curious cancer protocol.no 1. In the next three days I will continue to no 2, a fresh post. Also send me your email for personalised advice. I am an unpaid barefoot doctor. The first steps is to quit meat and dairy for a while and refuse chemo. It helps 10 out of a hundred women. It’s probably even less than that. sOME PEOPLE SAY IT’S JUST 3% Read the crazy sexy diet books,EAT raw organic broccoli AND cauliflower and up exercise.Yoga is good,I will tell you more in emails. My email is ersiecourea@hotmail.com. 3 HOURS OF EXERCISE A WEEK IMPROVES SURVIVAL CHANCES BY 50%. More in an email.

  1. The reason I cannot condone chemo is because 5 days ago I went to the funeral of my first cousin Yuli. She died from heart failure caused by chemo at 66. Google heart failure and chemo and read what it says, She had a pacemaker for some time!. Also visit the blog of the lady who liked this post. She is surviving by being a vegan and thinking outside the box. But she now uses a walker because of the chemo for stage 4 rectal cancer.

  2. It doesn’t make much difference what disease or injury is trying to destroy us. We have to love life to the point that were going to hang on to it and cherish it, no matter what comes up trying to destroy us from inside. It sounds like you have this very well figured out in your own mind and you are a born survivor. The soul tells your body to press on, to keep on keep in on no matter what.

    Congratulations on your flight, continued blessings for you and your life. best wishes to you and yours.

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