a concealed fact


Genes aren’t destiny. In a study of cancer research tracing the health of adopted children and their biological and adoptive parents, heredity was found to play no part in health.


I am always interested  in well-designed human studies OF HEALTH AND DISEASE  that juxtupose nature vs nurture. I also believe the above quotation as fact. Such a common sense conclusion is often concealed under mountains of irrelevant and unnecessary medical research in scientific journals and reports in the press.Experts hunt for cures and pills, not ‘THE TRUTH’! I therefore suggest this FACT should be given prominence! Prevention is King!

Cancer is a nutrition and lifestyle product so don’t blame your genes.Blame MONSANTO!

Just joking! You know what I mean. We should all work for a cleaner environment and eat healthy food that is yin and yang balanced!

In the last  few weeks I have veered away from the purpose of this blog which is the prevention and gentle treatment of cancer in the vicinity of nature.

I want to use the above quote as a turning point to things nutritional and lifestyle

at least for today. Then I will create a couple of pages directing newly diagnosed

cancer survivors to specialised alternative cancer blogs… My role is that of stirrer and informal, barefoot and unpaid amateur guru! I am not a Know it all vitamin peddler but a friend to all!

In the next week or so I will do a post about the Furious Curious  protocol part 2 in which I name the food supplements and lifestyle changes that will guarantee you survive and or avoid cancer, if you are well and cancer free. The rest is up to you.



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