a frivolous American





adjective friv·o·lous \ˈfri-və-ləs\
Popularity: Top 20% of words

Simple Definition of frivolous

  • : not important : not deserving serious attention

  • : silly and not serious

 A definition from the Urban dictionary
frivolous:lacking importance- adjective
ex:I was appalled that she would spend tons of money on something so frivolous
by parisologyperson May 22, 2008
In my humble opinion, it was frivolous of the American electoral system to have promoted Donald Trump for THE REPUBLICAN NOMINATION. He is winning in many states.
I think that even if he wins, the less frivolous Democratic candidate will get through and win! For America’s sake, f..k it!
I had a look at an article in Fortune Magazine about Le Donald and even
this publication of the privileged and ‘FORTUNATE’ pours fun on this unlikely, frivolous, what’s the word? yes UNIMPORTANT caricature of a Republican!
America, snap out of it!
Remember that silly, even frivolous,joke Ronald Reagan made? About beginning bombing in five minutes? This Republican will go ahead and do it! Bomb the globe!


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