the price of survival




“I did not feel like a survivor, I was a victim.

I felt like I had lost my life that day.”

Those were the words of Marcy Borders who on 9/ 11 was the 28 year old bank worker

we all saw and came to recognise as ‘the dust lady.’

She died 14 years later from cancer and there were several newspaper articles discussing her short life and what happened to her: how badly she coped with the experience of surviving the event that traumatised the globe.

Writing on 22/3. a day of another horrific  terrorist strike I am just going to say that there were many stories of hope, strength and positivity, too,  in the aftermath of 9/11. As a survivor from cancer, I can vouch that life feels precious -every single minute, in fact after a life-threatening experience!



  1. Indeed the aftermath of any trauma is a challenging path at best. Sad to say, many are neglected or avoided. I see you are a cancer survivor too, I received the all clear 2 years ago and I agree with you, life is SO precious, I appreciate everyday. Nice to hear from another survivor.

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