a Friend and soul mate



100000743663290pizapw1407693116Soul mates do exist and it’s a great thing too  and  very romantic.

You know what  my star sign Pisces is like – they exist in a celestial dimension where traffic is other’loony moonies fluttering past you  headed for the friendly fairy fountain  even though the clutter  is strewn like sea leaves  on the ocean floor. But untidiness doesn’t matter one  Cinderella rat’s tail  because the soul and its mates are on a higher plane where there is neither Isaac Newton gravity nor  other banal matter.

Soul mates may qualify for the honor if they help the metaphorical old lady across the road; perhaps they  rather sweetly don’t make fun of your new zany astrology blog,;they were there for you when you tried to launch a  pop group called dandruff – and got booed ;they didn’t gossip when you had your heart broken in several places by a prickly porcupine of a Pied Piper with a secret ratty agenda- . Yes, soul mates raise the standard as they say in  soul mate oasis speak …

Soul mates do exist and they may even be asexual. perhaps just platonic. Ever heard of Plato, el Greco? Women who qualify to join my exclusive aquarium  don’t flirt  WITH my CRUSHES , and would lend me their best little white dress which compliments my “it’s better in the tropics” sun tan. I bet your white bits they would never wear white to my very white beach wedding under a full, big ball of a moon. and no, I would never willingly get branded unless it’s through a soul mate Cinderella tattoo .
Cinderella? You knew she was Pisces, right?


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