Blue green envy recipe


I used to know a barman called Stelios Sourmelis in my country Cyprus who boasted to the customers of the bar at the Forest Park Hotel  where he worked  that he had invented our unofficial  national cocktail, Brandy Sour.

The sensational twist to this amusing (to us) story is that King Farouk of Egypt visited Cyprus often in those days to relax in the cool climate of our beautiful mountain, Troodos and the creation of the pioneering drink was meant to disguise the alcohol, as his Majesty was Moslem.

The colorful  Stelios and his family were our next door neighbours and close friends. He has passed away but I know his children and I will ask for more information about the veracity of this story as it’s fascinating…..I just consulted wikipedia. Yes, the story I remember and just related to you is mentioned but the writer of the post omits the name of the inventor.  A great omission, for sure! I will try and edit this wiki page as a tiny contribution  honouring Stelios’ legacy!

Envy  - Hola Tequila Book

Photo for Hola Tequila Book

I bet other barmen envy the more creative chefs behind the bar. It’s a creative vocation. So much that one of these guys and gals  invented a cocktail called envy shown in the above photo!

Here’s the recipe for Brandy Sour:

  • 5 cl (two parts) Cyprus brandy
  • 2.5 cl (one part) lemon squash
  • 2-4 drops of bitters
  • Top with carbonated water


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