Small talks

Counting Voices





It’s pub night so the house is people free and its noises are overrun with the pleasant buzz of my own thoughts.

As a confirmed loner with an inner circle of precious few people I like, however, on occasion, to be in small groups of people, as well…..

Luckily, I have inherited a posh hand-made oak table that sits 8 people but can be extended to accommodate up to another four guests. This is an optimal range of guests in my house in the suburbs as I believe in catering for group dynamics.

Then there is the odd number versus even number to consider, for hosts who are superstitious. My friend Kristia avoids inviting two friends of her daughter to the house simultaneously. She thinks a couple converses better than a trio of little people. She is probably right. Two people can invent a poetry of small talks and bond over Call of duty or simulated tea  and biscuits role playing.

Two is the magic mystery number then esp if you are romantic.Yes, I am the last of the great romantics who needs company for small talks…..

afternoon tea




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