Caffeine benefits

Sometime ago I read that caffeine and nicotine in the plant are there to discourage insects.

We know them as anti-oxidants ie anti-cancer substances. Personally I find caffeine makes me jittery a couple of hrs after drinking coffee. As you may know itee0ee607c1867a1f0b9db375b769e2b8

has more caffeine than tea! Studies, correlate coffee consumption with a reduction of certain cancers including breast cancer.

Look at this link. Coffee consumption and caffeine also increase the effectiveness of tamoxifen, the standard drug for breast cancer..

Ditto for the sleep hormone melatonin. Take it occasionally in pill form and also try to have quality sleep!

Today’s post was inspired by the following article:

Coffee, Caffeine, and Cancer: What the Research Reveals

I want to also tell you that ages ago I came across an experiment in which mice were given coffee and made to walk on a treadmill and their skin tumors shrunk! Conclusion:

change both yr diet and lifestyle and look into anti-oxidants!



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