Cancer Survivors Don’t Eat Healthy Foods

According to an Australian study only 15% of cancer survivors change their diet and lifestyle to up their survival chances. Blame it on lack of education by doctors and the fact that it’s easier to change someone’s religion than their diet! Here I am quoting an anthropologist!



A friend sent me this article by the LA Times: After Cancer, Survivors Do Not Make Healthy Food Choices.

At first, I’m thinking, What will it take for people to wake up and realize they probably got sick because they made choices that were bad for their health? But after I calm down, I remember my team of doctors never told me to change my eating habits or lifestyle. I don’t think they even asked me those questions: What do you eat? Do you exercise? They did ask if I smoked, drank alcohol or used illegal drugs. In my opinion, food can be just as lethal as any of those. For example; sugar. It’s addicting. I still have problems with it and I hardly ever eat sugar, but when I do have a small piece of dark chocolate or cupcake, within a couple of hours my brain asks for more. If…

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