Five minutes of notoriety

Yes, I admit it. I can be quite a nabber, troll and a bully online using my name  and married surname most of the time- or a pseudonym that suggests my name at other times-

which is Ancient Greek via Sanskrit for morning dew and

Via disqus as dewdroppings. I have over 1100 up votes there and elsewhere

as dewdrop or Herse, Ersoula. Drosoulita, Dewdrop Dew Barrymore etc I am

making the metaphorical difference of the noisy cancer and / or irritating

every matter under the sun revolutionary.

My online presence is stamped even on trendy economist blogs. Yes. I am a varoufitsa.

Greek nickname for the fans of the new Finance Minister of Greece.

and plan on seeing Diehard 4 this week at the Eurogroup!

The star is not Bruce Willis But Yanis Varoufakis spelled with one N!

I make comments. It’s what I like. Making comments!

A month ago I even sent my own catchy  message on CNN to Bill.

The exact wording was perfect, don’t u agree? read it here:

“Shut your face Bill Cosby.”

I bet that for a split second there  u thought I was addressing Bill Clinton.

No, not him despite Hilary’s six figure fat cat lecture circuit checks!

Or that I had nabbed in a corner the only man

That Ari Onassis grandson- in- law Doda de Miranda assures us has

definitely married for love! Bill as in Bill Gates!

No I was addressing Bill Cosby in a very public way. I bet his wife has mentally divorced him!

America’s dad.  Or, RATHER, ex dad.

And guess what? I believe the 30 women!

After I sent the spontaneous comment under a relevant article I was contacted

By a guy in US of A who has  created a website to promote best comments online.

Last time I looked THE FB PAGE  had 1800 LIKES PLUS ONE FROM ME!

He must be democratic this cyber buddy because he liked my page

Furious curious cancer survivor. The link?

read it here:

and even google it. I have 186 likes only because the Cyprus government owes

me a couple of million euros (no, we haven’t had A Grexit a la Chypriote.

Not yet anyway!) When I win, I will advertise!

I am now at the European Court of Human Rights . V for VS – you guessed it the Republic of Cyprus.

The news that prompted this post is a post on today’s  H Post about the woman who twitted

Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just Kidding. I’m White!’

Another of her twits that came some months before she was fired for the former tweet read:

‘I had a sex dream about an autistic kid last night.’

My feelings mirror yours exactly! Dear cyber Friends!

I am still waiting for a stab at my own 5 mins of cyber notoriety to outshine her! Unfortunately my great chance was missed when  I was front page news in a local newspaper

a couple of months ago with the title.

‘She had the door shut in her face again” and my maiden name included to verbally waterboard me (to borrow Greek rubacuore Minister” s Cuantanamo expression) into  ice cold notoriety!

referring, of course,  to my local but now already off shore lawsuit but guess what? That day the relevant  news website blocked me to temporarily silence me! They objected to my commenting on their stilted, completely fabricated front page character assassination!

my namesake Ersie and two sisters  with given names which also mean dewy

my namesake Ersie and two sisters with given names which also mean dewy

I hate Politis newspaper and will complain to relevant Ethics Committee.

Blocked? Undemocratic!

I will get my 5 mins. By hook, crook or crooked lawyer!

Watch this space!