Cake should carry a health warning

My eldest child Eleni , 20, a student and “would be” journalist,  just posted something on my FB timeline. Wouldn’t you know it? It’s info about the “naked”  celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his new {one of many battles) campaign-  against sugar this time!

It coincides with an article on the BBC website today from where I reaped the following quotation:

“Parents are being encouraged to cut back on the amount of sugar they feed children in a new health campaign.

The Public Health England (PHE) Change4Life campaign offers “sugar swap” tips, including swapping ice cream for yogurt and sugary drinks for sugar-free alternatives.

Health guidelines advise that 10% of a person’s energy or calorie intake should be made up of sugar.

But officials fear children between four and 10 are consuming far more.

‘Health impact’

Professor Kevin Fenton, national director of health and wellbeing at PHE, said: “Reducing sugar intake is important for the health of our children both now and in the future. We are all eating too much sugar and the impact this has on our health is evident.

“This campaign is about taking small steps to address this. We know from past campaigns that making simple swaps works and makes a real difference.”

Meanwhile, a Netmums survey suggests two-thirds of parents are worried about the amount of sugar in their children’s diets.”

Personal human interest case? I’ve got one!

My son Savvas who is otherwise  a normal teenager who doesn’t smoke pot. only roll ups, has an appalling self-styled junk diet we have all been on from time to time. I would like to tell you that I was shocked when I took him to a dentist  recently just before his 18th birthday  WHO FOUND no HOLES IN HIS TEETH! We never have cola type drinks ( for decades)in the house but it  was still  a  great SURPRISE!

Another usual symptom which should  have impacted on his oral health but thankfully didn’t is that  HE IS  STILL TO MASTER THE TWICE A DAY BRUSHING HABIT! However, he does have acne which he was hoping would disappear miraculously at the big coming of age birthday. Being a mum who is a news junkie I have shown him evidence of a surprising link of his smoking to the acne…another Greek word by the way! The article said that in 30% of young  smokers the skin problem persists into adulthood.

There was also a post online recently about the link between pizza and acne. Yes, guys…it’s the carbohydrate. Again! Guess what my precious can’t get enough of? Yep! Delivery pizza! As for white sugar, you can’t avoid it unless you are a pizza hermit.

This post will now take an abrupt turn with the revelation of another potential hazard of cake that most of the time we overlook! Today I read that 9 people lose their lives every year in Japan by choking on a special rice cake they eat at this time of year in great quantities! Strangely, this is also what happened in my country Cyprus this week. A young mum of four choked on cake here as well!

Eat mindfully and know that the most common food people in the US and perhaps elsewhere choke on is ,,,,hot dogs! ALSO soft!There was another case recently in neighboring Greece of a woman losing her life by choking on spaghetti!

Sorry to bring this up but it’s necessary. And the moral is :

Eat mindfully like a Zen Buddhist. A good one!

Out with soft junk  as well.

Look at my relevant other post on this blog with the reminiscent title” SUGAR BLUES!

Yes the white delight makes you jittery and prone to the blues. And kills you HERMITnesterov32110575122_994311833918898_3456846640612752757_o 100000743663290pizapw140223973410575122_994311833918898_3456846640612752757_o10801842_776603759043255_2665318912223133444_n

to be continued,,,,,,,,


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