Pumpkin seeds for ultimate bladder control



Bladder problems are common in Western countries and the reason is probably our toilets and furniture which don’t require squatting On a visit to Sri Lanka some years ago I witnessed my hosts squatting in the kitchen over their plates of food. They had no table! I bet the women in that part of the world have healthy glutes and a strong pelvic floor!
Our nutrition in the West which needs improvement. The individual must assume the responsibility forhis or her health also in this matter.
Bladder problems can be avoided by doing kegels, exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. It is however even more important to do DEEP SQUATS or to use a trampoline often.Pee outside if ou have privacy or buy a special stepper for your toilet and sit on the toilrt in a squatting positin using this stepper.
¬†Eating food that gives you a healthy hormone profile is also a good idea,.Emphasize ¬†pomegranates, its juice and other fruit and vegetables rich in magnesium. They strengthen the pelvic floor.The pumpkin seed mentioned in the following article can also be taken as a food supplement. Research it further. Vitamin C is an important nutrient for the production of collagen, so it’s also important to include vitamin C rich produce in your diet.If you have any queries, contact me here or on my face book page Furious Curious Cancer Survivor!

Pumpkin seeds for ultimate bladder control.