Better than Valium


Love should be available
On Prescription:
It should be on sale
In health stores,
A prettily packaged potent potion
Among th kelp and ginseng
And vitamins from A to E
Love makes you glow
From top to toe
A prescription for love
Would be better than

Samantha Dee


Eating Cancer to Death

This expresses a lot of the curious cancer survivor dilemmas so I am reblogging


I’ve been asked to write something about nutrition from one of my regular readers. I’ve been reluctant to do so, firstly because I don’t consider myself to have any expertise in this area and secondly because it seems that writing about nutrition is a good way to get some people’s backs up. Still, the person making the request has been such a great supporter of my blog that I feel I owe her this one.

Let’s start with some important caveats. I don’t think anyone has come up with the definitive guide to human nutrition. Yes, there’s mountains of research and evidence of what nutritional deficiency looks like, but the jury is out on how best to nourish our bodies. It seems that for every piece of research recommending we eat something (or a combination of things) there’s another piece of research telling us to avoid exactly the same things…

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