a QUOTE from the darling of gadget lovers


Steve Jobs was Pisces like me, but a different decan. This exotic word maybe of Greek origin; δεκανος is the equivalent in my mother tongue and means a ten day period. I learned this word recently when I took an interest in more detailed astrology and delved into numerology. Steve Jobs is considered a tech genius but disturbing details have emerged about his treatment of some people, including a lovechild, or shall we say an unwanted pregnancy in his youth.

Long before I was born, my dad got a woman pregnant and had a child when he was just 18 and the lady 16 and a vulnerable Cinderella in his own home . He was the same zodiac sign and same decan as Steve Jobs. It’s and erotic sign/decan, for sure. Tortured , even. The child grew up, was adopted and grew up to become famous in my country.There is nothing like a challenged background to catapult you upstream or down steam, as an astrologer would say. Note: STEVE JOBS HIMSELF WAS ADOPTED.

You shouldn’t speak ill of the dead but Steve was clearly wrong to refuse an operation and try to go the natural way. You can lessen the tumor load and THEN turn to alternative medicine. Did he lessen his stressful Alpha male belligerence, vowing to take it easy? He didn’t.

When he lost hope he bought a house out of state to get on a transplant list, even though it is contraindicated for this health problem. Get a new liver? Strange! The old one was full of tumors….

Moral? Eat organic and don’t be a faddy eater like Steve Jobs. Rumor has it that all that boxed orange juice in his fridge spiked his nsulin and contributed to cancer. Add a stressful will to succeed and you get a lethal cocktail!

Hope you like the image I created on powerpoint. Live each and every day like it’s your last!




  1. I think his ego got in the way of his treatment. He thought he knew better than his team of medical experts. I also heard he was not very nice to others, although he claimed to be a student of Buddhism. We can only learn from him and make the best choices for ourselves when it comes to living and eating. Be well.

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