Dear furious curious cancer survivor,
I stopped taking the Anastrazole….hurt me way too bad. Plus, Dr.Christine Horner (she wrote several books) said that the natural stuff has been proven just as effective or even more effective than the standard stuff (aromatase inhibitors.). I think you are right about the lower percentage rates..from what I have gleaned, it appears that oncologists have a success rate of 3-5%…and it seems the people with breast cancer who are cured with chemo are those that are HER2 positive, since those people are given Herceptin (it seems to be a wonder drug for HER2 positive cancer. I know several people who had advance cases and went thru chemo/Herceptin and are okay today). My sympathy really goes out to those with triple negative breast cancer — their survival rate is the lowest.
I made essiac tea and am drinking it…that stuff is NASTY!!  Guess that’s just a part of it,’s really hard to get it down (tastes like ashes).
Yes, you can use part of our correspondence and leave out my last name, email, etc.
Talk to ya later,


Hi Jean,

The enzyme is aromatase so research ways of lowering it eg camomile and parsley. Also excess estrogen is removed by the liver. The supplement Calcium D glucarate and plant fibre also helps I saw the survival success of Aromasin as just 5 % but was too tactful to tell u anything before today. This tallies with an article in the British Medical Journal All drugs help 5 percent. ALL OF THEM

. The oncs don’t know  this statistic usually as it’s depressing to think it’s so low and they bury their heads in the sand.
I agree that the Herceptin for Her 2 neu is an improvement and I saw a 50% survival improvement thanks to this drug. A metastatic lady I know is doing well on it but the
cnemo has affected her heart unfortunately….
The coconut oil is doing wonders for my eyes. It raises good cholesterol
I hope u r feeling better/ My instinct tell me u will do well. Do u have a regular alternative therapist?



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