The furious Curious Cancer Protocol (PART1)

993483_10151816817131479_993634160_nFurious curious protocol

You know what? I think you should make your own protocol! One  should follow only one protocol and not mix different ones apparently. I think each person should make their own protocol and follow it bearing in mind the following:

A wise strategy is to learn everything you can about your health problem and differing approaches to regaining health.

Gradually move in the general direction of natural living and eating enjoying minimally processed and minimally cooked food.

In such a slow cancer it’s even wise to watch and wait if you are stage 0 or stage one and opt for the minimum Allopathic treatment while radically over hauling your diet and lifestyle. Tumors have been known to shrinkand disappear on a raw (80%) diet.

Always ask for a second opinion if you are offered radical surgery.

Four years ago a study found no survival benefit for ancillary clearance when it was done because cancer was found in the sentinel node.

Personally, I refused the removal of more than 4 lymphs under the armpit, even before I had read about this research.

Breast cancer is a rich  person/rich diet disease so eat like a pauper.Even better, forget to eat.

Avoid dairy as they are hard to digest and cow’s milk is really meant for calves and not humans.

Try to eat an unlimited amount of clean preferably organic vegetables. Eat up to four of five pieces of fruit a day. Not more.

Know that raw veg is preferable and superior to cooked ones. If you are going to cook it  lightly cooked is better.

Know that IGF1 , an obscure Insulin like factor may be implicated in breast cancer. This hormone is identical in humans and animals and is present in milk. When you become vegan this hormone immediately drops 18%. The link between dairy and breast cancer has emerged in a study by the Karolinska institute.

These are the people who give the Nobels, not just anyone.

Naturopathy says that 70% of our diets should be veg, fruit , nuts and seeds.

We should go to the toilet not once but three times a day!

Start your protocol with a two week salads only fast to detox.

Never eat pasta again unless it’s on an occasional basis. Look for whole pasta that is wheat free and not high glycemic

Buy a homeopathic remedy called alkala and take one teaspoon every morning

Alternatively, take bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water.

A similar effect can be achieved by taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar three times a day.

The remedies I have just mentioned are meant to alkalise the body. Cancer hates alkalinity. Plenty of green smoothies  and green juices will also make the system alkaline. Chewing food slowly -……. 40 bites also alkalises it….

Cook with coconut oil and eat it off the spoon for health. It has a high smoke point and is very healthful.

Eat plenty of tomatoes raw and in a sauce. Cooking increases the substance lycopene, which is anti cancer for hormonal imbalance in both sexes.

In the evening have home made vegetable soup . You can use bone broth. Look at the Mercola site for the benefits of drinking bone broth.

Consider taking mistletoe injections. They strengthen the immune system.

Buy a product called biobran MGN3. It increases NK Killer cells that fight the cancer. It’s pricy but is taken for only three months and the effects are lasting. I thoroughly recommend it.

Find a natural progesterone expert and discuss the possibility this hormone of using it as a cream. Look at the pioneer who spent 16 years at Harvard studying this hormone. Dr John Lee. His books are very inexpensive.The oncologist might tell you that he does not recommend it if you have a progesterone receptor. In fact, there is research that shows that the presence of progesterone makes it less aggressive than types where the pr receptor is missing…

Know that  traditionally Japanese women who tend to get much less breast cancer on average consume 25 times more iodine than us by eating edible seaweed and don’t eat any dairy. Follow their example and avoid dairy .Up iodine by eating what their eating ie edible seaweed ,kelp, sea food and other iodine rich food.. Eat some Himalayan salt or sea salt.

Know that exercise (3 hrs a week upwards) increases your survival chances by 50%!




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