Is Tamoxifen Right for Me? Is There an Alternative?

elyn jacobs

Tamoxifen has been successfully used in the management of breast cancer for over twenty years.  However, as with any drug, Tamoxifen has benefits and risks associated with its use. The general opinion seems to be that the benefits outweigh the risks. For many men and women, choosing Tamoxifen may be the right choice for them.

For others the side effects are very real, and the risk is too high– namely the risk of developing uterine cancer, blood clots, muscle pain, mental fogginess and cataracts.  This can be especially true for those with certain early stage breast cancers.  Such concerns have led many to seek alternatives to hormone therapy.

pills tamoxifenHow can you know which is the right choice for you?  Be informed; empower yourself to educate yourself with information and options.  You may want to take advantage of one the risk/benefit calculators such as  to help you gain a…

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  1. This advice should also apply the almost blanket prescribing of Aromatase Inhibitors by oncologists.

    After much research I have just refused to take either Tamoxifen or the AIs. My risks for adverse effects are too high for me to take these drugs.

    When I asked my oncologist about the incidence of adverse side effects in the women he treats, he said that he just sees “women getting on with their lives” implying that I should shut up and take the pills.

    My GP reports very different findings as she has to implement the prescribing of the endocrine drugs in early BC and manage the patients taking them. She sees a lot of women struggling.

    I asked another oncologist about these drugs and he told me that he sees many women struggling beyond the point at which they should be examining their quality of life.

    During my year of treatment I have met many women who have taken these drugs and many who have suffered the most terrible, irreversible problems with them. Some have told me it’s like visiting a professional denial factory when they try and tell the oncologists or their GPs about how badly the drugs are affecting them.

    Women! Research! The information you need to make a truly informed choice is out there, but you have to dig for it.

    • I refused T when I came across some people in a chat room whose relatives had died from an aggressive cancer caused by ir. I had also read an article which is still on the internet from Nexus magazine titled Tamoxifen-a major medical mistake? It said that T causes cancer in the other breast But I am Pisces so I reblogged Elin’s post for discusson and debate. I know that T saves 6% lives minus the lives it takes=1/7% benefit,,,,,,,,

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