Getting Started on MyBCTeam (My Breast Cancer Team)

MyBreastCancerTeam Blog

MyBCTeam is the social network for women who’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer today or decades ago. We recommend visiting the site once a day for two weeks, in order to get a feel for what the site can offer. Even if the visit is only 10 seconds, you may find some invaluable connections and nuggets of information.

For now, get the most out of this community by sharing a little bit about yourself. This post is to help you get to know more great women on MyBCTeam. When making valuable connections (and even friendships,) it’s always valuable to start with oneself.

Begin with You

Getting started: Consider the value of customizing your own profile on MyBCTeam. Whenever we hear something kind or insightful from someone, we have a natural tendency to want to know the person who said it. At a glance, a photo of yourself…

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