How raw are you?

eat yr broccoli jpeg1aa025148eaa7840403cb1c4a9c6a0ae (1)

Fact: It was the neardenthals who started charbroiling their food and invented cooking. It is possible that one of their hunters threw their raw deer or other wild, wild grass fed lean meat accidentally on the open fire, ate some and decided it was yummy. The smell may have helped too. Lucy, our Ethiopian ancestor nicknamed thus because Lucy in the sky was dominating the airwaves at the time, was vegetarian but became omnivorous when she ventured out of Africa. Fascinating? I think so!

All such ancestor tidbits are fascinating, even the gossip about Egyptian mummies not presenting with cancer symptoms. I read this on a natural health site fairly recently. However, the Ancient Greeks did know this affliction and documented it. I will try and find out what cancers were common in the Golden Age of Pericles and get back to you soon. Maybe the Egyptian Pharaohs ate a lot of salad.

All the raw food talk was prompted by  the book  Soar on Raw which I have recently acquired . Written by a compatriot of mine,it must be the first raw food cookbook in Cyprus. I have a Greek one on my bookshelf but no local one.  The former Environmental Commissioner   opened  the book launch which served a raw buffet.  More details on Soar on Raw online.  The author is Erini Loucaides.

Some years back I accompanied a friend to her appointment to a local naturopathic practice. The all natural guru was a raw foodist with glowing cheeks as we say in Greek. He looked 30 but said he was 40. I saw a juicer in the back room and he winced in horror when I mentioned eggs so I guess he must have been a raw vegan. There is a sub category of this kind of eater called low glucose raw vegan. Some other online gurus breakfast on several raw egg yolks for vitality…..

On my cancer journey I saw some epidemiological studies that could not agree on whether veggies prevent cancer. Then I saw one that did not lump all veg together but compared numbers and found that the protective effect holds, you guessed it only for RAW vegetables. Yummy marinated raw brocs anyone?


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