What the doctor won’t tell you

Plenty, it seems. I did a BA in Linguistics at University and concerning modern medicine, I retained one thing –and it’s a very vivid memory. The communication between doctor and patient is inadequate and one sided, a cross examination directed by the dominant party, the doctor.

Dare to momentarily stray away from the line of questioning and he or she bristles. Know what I am talking about?  I sometimes mention this observation to a doctor and the response is not one that I find appropriate.

If you know a lot about your medical problem but have a different take on it, again, there is a problem. Patients get frustrated or have a lot of horror stories to tell. Doctors recoil, feeling threatened.

Hence the popularity of alternative medicine. I have some stories I can tell about that as well. Especially if there are big Swiss bucks sorry francs, involved. But I leave the guru bashing for another day. I guess I am not alone in obsessively hunting for the latest gurus but, unless or even if they have climbed down from Mount Olympus, expect to either love them or hate them for their human flaws.

There is a well established alternative health magazine/blog called What Doctors Won’t Tell You.

This week the Sunday Times took issue with some of its doctor-bashing articles. I, however, think they provide good, well-researched information.  All similar alternative blogs have parallel themes, against GMO  food, controversial vaccines etc. Should we heed their advice? In a world which has to accommodate billions of us and many other species for a long time to come, yes.

From what I understand, the two warring parties will see each other in court. By now, You know which side I am on.…that of a common Greek ancestor- the hippy guru, Hippocrates. Tell me everything they haven’t, hip doctor…..



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