the crazy sexy glucose secret

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There is a guru cancer survivor that is so noticeable and memorable that Scientific American did an article on her and her miraculous long term survival .  Kris Carr. She has been defying early death for ten years now.  I don’t know what colour your lungs are but Sci Am described hers- and her liver- as resembling the milky way…     They are that bad…

You can read about her natural 80% raw approach online at Kris Carr com or look for crazy sexy cancer survivor. Using this off beat nickname she has written books that made it on the New York best seller list.

She just sent me a news letter warning me off sugar, which as she points out exists even in health foods like sweet potatoes. It’s fashionable lately to remind the consumer that glucose fuel like cereals entered the food chain fairly recently and that Stone Age man did not cultivate or eat them. Presumably wild oats were OK with our hairy ancestors. And lest you are addicted to hybrid wheat products, know that the ancestor crop you should be purchasing is the more digestible spelt.

I follow closely breaking news about Otsy, the stone age Tyrol guy that was found intact, preserved in ice on the Alps even with a bit of food stuck between his teeth. His teeth were not in good condition. Nobody can figure out why… The other day I read that scientists have concluded that he was murdered.

Otsy met his death violently but escaped the havoc that sugar and refined flour can wreak on your health. They hadn’t been refined yet. The obesity epidemic came much later in our supersize virtual world of mass loner wolves dizzy on fizzy drinks and denatured snacks.

If you want to be healthy eat as naturally as you can. Food from the ground or tree, not a packet, unsprayed. As nature intended.

Just yesterday while trying to treat my teen’s acne I read that it’s known as skin diabetes. I then googled leprosy and raw food and I found a study of lepers in Sri Lanka. Their complexion responded to raw food but the skin of the control group which was on mere vegetarian food didn’t……