My brilliant career

66986_448862218165_591548165_5256146_1198902_ncompassionate teen Harley-McIntosh21 If you are not shy the world is yours……Old Greek Cypriot proverb I have given this post what I hope is a catchy title and did my best to select a couple of eye catching photos. I believe that I am marketing aware and now want to explain what I mean by my brilliant career.. I borrowed the title from an Australian film I saw years ago, about a woman in the 19th century who wanted a career as a teacher and managed to have it through sheer persistence. This trait Isee also in my child who is a fresher at Cambridge University in the UK. She is ambitious and work oriented like  this Australian pioneer who chose her career over marriage and kids.. The film director- and this I remember very vividly- was a woman. The film was very sweet with a message and if I find it again I will certainly watch it. I hope Eleni will have children one day. I believe that the pros of having them are more than the cons. A couple of years ago she represented her school in an international debating competition in Brisbane Australia. This post is about me and my eldest daughter and I will combine some comments about both our characters and inclination with a more universal message and then be a bit didactic in the next post providing a list of anti cancer tips which have been floating around this last week and a bit longer. This week Mercola on his blog  included quite a few tips about how not to get breast cancer He did not mention dairy. This staple of the Western diet is suspected of contributing to breast cancer but I think the Mercola site likes raw milk from properly fed animals. Raw milk is unpasteurized non-boiled milk with all its enzymes intact. I will gather some more tips from the British press and then give them to Eleni to read. Five years ago when I told her I had been diagnosed with breast cancer she immediately became a vegetarian. She is mainly concerned with animal welfare. Animals are her friends and she does’t eat her friends. Here I am quoting George Bernard Shaw who lived to be 90 plus and was a vegetarian. He was a different zodiac to my daughter Eleni. In fact, I think he was a sunny Leo native. She is a Libra like Linda Mc Cartney, These cool guys love animals with a big,non-negotiable passion. These two ladies, however, got their nutrition a bit wrong, in my humble opinion. Linda got breast cancer and succumbed to it and Eleni thinks pizza is a health food. I will rephrase that. Some pizzas are healthful but not the brand she orders for takeaway more often than is good for her. Does she ask for less cheese and more veg on top? Not to my knowledge. Does she have healthful soup on cold winter nights or chilled soup in summer like Irish leek and potato soup the French have dubbed vichychoise for instance? I am afraid not. I will lay off the criticism and instead be proactive. Here is a  recipe for healthy home-made pizza. I call it Isabel’s pizza because the recipe was given to me by Isabel, a Portuguese friend when I was living in Portugal back in 1981. Watch this space….to be continued. Isabel’s pizza Base for pizza 2 cups whole wheat flour sieved 1 cup corn flour, sieved 4 tbspoons corn or sesame oil 1 teaspoon sea salt 1 teaspoon tamari (soy sauce) a liitle lukewarm water Sieve flour well for better results. Add the bran back to the rest of the flour. Roll out the base and bake blind in a shallow buttered dish. Mix the dry ingredients adding oil and a bit of water (only sufficient quantity to bind them together.) Pierce the base with a fork. Bake it until it’s half cooked and then add the filling. Filling for Isabel’s pizza 3 onions cut in half 1 carrot cut in round pieces small pieces of cauliflower 1 egg, corn oil, gruyere cheese or tahini Cook the onion in oil, add the cauliflower and then the carrot. Add salt or tamari, add the yolk to the vegetables after it’s cooled down, put the mixture in the dish then put cheese or tahini in a medium oven for some minutes. Beat the egg white and add it on top and bake until it cooks. For other pizza ideas go to ideas/10 healthy-pizza-recipes/ slide2