Of quacks and quack cures

I have just been surfing the net. .Why? Because everybody does. But there is another reason: I have found out recently that my thinking style is anarchic. I think like an anarchist in other words.  I read a little bit here and there and everywhere and give the impression of a know it all at parties. When you think about it, the web can help you put on the mantle of the general knowledge expert.

Now back to my thinking style which is  the most problematic but has some saving characteristics. An anarchist, perhaps a Che mind? This was suggested to me when Ι read a book called Thinking Styles by the American psychologist Robert Sternberg.


The anarchist in a classroom is the one who talks out of turn and makes provocative, irrelevant , assertive and challenging comments. He or she is the class pest in other words. I don’t mind having this affliction because anarchists change the world…

Today I have let my contrarian mind wander and ended up researching quacks. Some people’s quacks, I will have you know are other guys’ geniuses.
Take Dr Mercola, for instance. If he is on a site called Quackwatch, which he is, of course become a fan. Some people consider him a threat and have vowed to discredit him. They have even financed Quackwatch to dig up hidden dirt.
There are lots of other examples. Byrzynsky, who has appeared on Oprah and Larry King, is an even bigger threat to the Medical Establishment. Even as an individual, he may one day be worth more than the trillion dollar Cancer Industry. A couple have been to his clinic because the husband has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and have a blog on google to criticize him. For some very difficult late stage cancers he has a 20% cure rate, better than the 2% of the mainstream. I will keep an open mind about this doctor.
If you want a cancer clinic that is reputable see if they publish their survival stats. For me this is a sign they are trying to be honest .If they make exaggerated claims, your instinct will tell you not to give them your money and time.



  1. Regarding Dr. Mercola and QuackWatch: If I remember correctly, after wasting a lot of web page space with confusing sophistry, the worst they could say about the man is that he makes money from the things he sells from his website. Heavens! Let’s not rest until we see the man in shackles!!!

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