Sugar Blues


My love hate relationship with sugar, a sweet condiment that altered the history of the world is several decades long. I have a quick temper and it’s partly caused by an unidentifiable alien that could very well be this very substance. I have quit it several times, sometimes for years. There is apparent sugar, camouflaged sugar, stealthy sugar. A certain guru on the internet isolates high fructose corn syrup as the most evil substance ever invented. It’s in everything processed. This is reinforced by day-old research. Just one soda a day gives you diabetes, according to scientists.

Diabetes means many things including loss of a lot of quality of life and for some men problems in the bedroom. The solution in the form of an alternative is STEVIA. Did you think I would banish you to a sweetness free purgatory for five years until your near perfect nutrition caused all the rogue cancer cells released by your surgeon dance a final tango and drop off a steep cliff?

Solution: cook with stevia.  Come to think of it I will try and prepare sago with stevia this week. The Asians eat it for dessert. Find both online or where health food is sold,

Buy a book called Sugar Blues and read it from cover to cover.  Why; It’s a classic best seller, passionately written and will make you never  ever feel quite the same way about sugar. It’s that shocking.It was written in the seventies and the author didn’t touch sugar again until his death at 87. Then buy stevia and make dessert. You won’t understand the difference. In fact, I WANT YOU TO READ UP ON THIS SWEETENER BECAUSE IT’S NATURAL. CONSULT WIKIPEDIA FOR A START.

I have a special interest in Sugar Blues. I once translated the whole book into Greek and even found a Greek publisher willing to take it on. The the author asked for 5000 dollars translation rites. This was an exorbitant sum in 1984 so the project came to nothing. I was so disturbed by the facts about sugar blues that I actually translated the book.

NOW, ABOUT THE GURU WHO WROTE IT. He became a socialite after marrying a silent screen goddess called Gloria Swanson, 17 years older than him and died at 87 from cancer. He died from cancer. Pity. He was on a microbiotic diet like the material girl, Madonna. Maybe he should have exercised for three hours like she does! Anyway 87 is a respectable age to go…..Find Wiliam Dufty and his wonderful best seller  Sugar Blues on Wikipedia and for a few dollars on an online bookshop.


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