Benefits of Green Tea Against Cancer

I endorse this because I have been drinking gallons of the even purer white tea declining toxic treatments and I am five years out…alive and lively



Epidemiological evidence suggests that green tea can be a potent weapon against breast cancer, particularly in early stage cancer.

If you consume more than five cups of green tea a day the risk of recurrence may drop an astounding 30-40%. (Pirtie 2013)

Green tea is thought  to work against cancer four ways:

  1. It inhibits tumor growth-signaling pathways.
  2. It stimulates cancer-cell death.
  3. It inhibits enzymes that cancer cells use to spread.
  4. It alters the metabolism of estrogens.

This is astonishing and groundbreaking news on the fight against breast cancer! Be sure to tell the important woman or women in your life about Green Tea and its importance!

Buy organic green tea or take two to four 250 mg to 300 mg capsules of standardized green tea extract with meals.


Make sure supplements are standardized to 80% polyphenols, of which 50% is EGCG.


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  1. What Can Green Tea Do For You : Some women choose to drink several cups a day because it can help reduce the effects of aging. Studies have shown that EGCG is almost 200 times more potent when combating aging process..

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