organizing your survival

It sure helps if you’re organised and know the basic tenet that in order to survive you have to do things the opposite of what you were doing before diagnosis.  Couch potato? Change attitude. Too much overcooked Western-style food? Think more raw, at least 50%. You don’t have to spend thousands on experts’ opinions when the best advice someone can give you is that three quarters of your plate should be vegetables.

Who are some of the experts I respect and are available at the click of a button? Dr Mercola. Natural News, both with an American following but also catching on and up over here in Europe. For more specialized cancer help I would recommend Bill Henderson who tutors you inexpensively, a site called cancer tutor, a blogger called Chris beat cancer, the highly successful Crazy sexy cancer survivor Kris Carr who has written best selling books which made it on the US best sellers list , a website called Beautiful on Raw and all raw food sites or even mags.

If your husband or wife is a bad influence be aware of this and cook several dishes, emphasizing wholesome food. Don’t overdo it with grains. They contribute to a high glucose diet which CAUSES cancer.

I will be giving you ideas about healthy breakfasts in the near future. A healthy breakfast is vegan. Think a giant fruit salad and then a vegetable and greens salad at 11 am. This is survival food. Guaranteed. Hot dogs are a no-no for the first five years. Did you read that? Or am I alone in a hot dog universe?Image 



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  1. I know. I know. The visual is not vegan but eggs have been getting a good press lately, so if doctor Mercola eats 5 egg yolks for breakfast who am I to stop you the raw eggy high every morning. Know that egg and toast are considered a bad food combo in traditional alternative medicine. Find the right food combinations in a book or online such as the Hay system and give it a try.

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