Of quacks and quack cures

I have just been surfing the net. .Why? Because everybody does. But there is another reason: I have found out recently that my thinking style is anarchic. I think like an anarchist in other words.  I read a little bit here and there and everywhere and give the impression of a know it all at parties. When you think about it, the web can help you put on the mantle of the general knowledge expert.

Now back to my thinking style which is  the most problematic but has some saving characteristics. An anarchist, perhaps a Che mind? This was suggested to me when Ι read a book called Thinking Styles by the American psychologist Robert Sternberg.


The anarchist in a classroom is the one who talks out of turn and makes provocative, irrelevant , assertive and challenging comments. He or she is the class pest in other words. I don’t mind having this affliction because anarchists change the world…

Today I have let my contrarian mind wander and ended up researching quacks. Some people’s quacks, I will have you know are other guys’ geniuses.
Take Dr Mercola, for instance. If he is on a site called Quackwatch, which he is, of course become a fan. Some people consider him a threat and have vowed to discredit him. They have even financed Quackwatch to dig up hidden dirt.
There are lots of other examples. Byrzynsky, who has appeared on Oprah and Larry King, is an even bigger threat to the Medical Establishment. Even as an individual, he may one day be worth more than the trillion dollar Cancer Industry. A couple have been to his clinic because the husband has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and have a blog on google to criticize him. For some very difficult late stage cancers he has a 20% cure rate, better than the 2% of the mainstream. I will keep an open mind about this doctor.
If you want a cancer clinic that is reputable see if they publish their survival stats. For me this is a sign they are trying to be honest .If they make exaggerated claims, your instinct will tell you not to give them your money and time.


Sugar Blues


My love hate relationship with sugar, a sweet condiment that altered the history of the world is several decades long. I have a quick temper and it’s partly caused by an unidentifiable alien that could very well be this very substance. I have quit it several times, sometimes for years. There is apparent sugar, camouflaged sugar, stealthy sugar. A certain guru on the internet isolates high fructose corn syrup as the most evil substance ever invented. It’s in everything processed. This is reinforced by day-old research. Just one soda a day gives you diabetes, according to scientists.

Diabetes means many things including loss of a lot of quality of life and for some men problems in the bedroom. The solution in the form of an alternative is STEVIA. Did you think I would banish you to a sweetness free purgatory for five years until your near perfect nutrition caused all the rogue cancer cells released by your surgeon dance a final tango and drop off a steep cliff?

Solution: cook with stevia.  Come to think of it I will try and prepare sago with stevia this week. The Asians eat it for dessert. Find both online or where health food is sold,

Buy a book called Sugar Blues and read it from cover to cover.  Why; It’s a classic best seller, passionately written and will make you never  ever feel quite the same way about sugar. It’s that shocking.It was written in the seventies and the author didn’t touch sugar again until his death at 87. Then buy stevia and make dessert. You won’t understand the difference. In fact, I WANT YOU TO READ UP ON THIS SWEETENER BECAUSE IT’S NATURAL. CONSULT WIKIPEDIA FOR A START.

I have a special interest in Sugar Blues. I once translated the whole book into Greek and even found a Greek publisher willing to take it on. The the author asked for 5000 dollars translation rites. This was an exorbitant sum in 1984 so the project came to nothing. I was so disturbed by the facts about sugar blues that I actually translated the book.

NOW, ABOUT THE GURU WHO WROTE IT. He became a socialite after marrying a silent screen goddess called Gloria Swanson, 17 years older than him and died at 87 from cancer. He died from cancer. Pity. He was on a microbiotic diet like the material girl, Madonna. Maybe he should have exercised for three hours like she does! Anyway 87 is a respectable age to go…..Find Wiliam Dufty and his wonderful best seller  Sugar Blues on Wikipedia and for a few dollars on an online bookshop.

Benefits of Green Tea Against Cancer

I endorse this because I have been drinking gallons of the even purer white tea declining toxic treatments and I am five years out…alive and lively



Epidemiological evidence suggests that green tea can be a potent weapon against breast cancer, particularly in early stage cancer.

If you consume more than five cups of green tea a day the risk of recurrence may drop an astounding 30-40%. (Pirtie 2013)

Green tea is thought  to work against cancer four ways:

  1. It inhibits tumor growth-signaling pathways.
  2. It stimulates cancer-cell death.
  3. It inhibits enzymes that cancer cells use to spread.
  4. It alters the metabolism of estrogens.

This is astonishing and groundbreaking news on the fight against breast cancer! Be sure to tell the important woman or women in your life about Green Tea and its importance!

Buy organic green tea or take two to four 250 mg to 300 mg capsules of standardized green tea extract with meals.


Make sure supplements are standardized to 80% polyphenols, of which 50% is EGCG.


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Soul mates


Soul mates do exist and it’s a great thing too  and  pisces romantic. You know what pisces are like – they exist in a celestial dimension where traffic is other’loony moonies fluttering past you  headed for the friendly fairy fountain  even though the clothes are strewn like sea leaves  on the ocean floor, But untidiness doesn’t matter one  Cinderella rat’s tail  because the soul and its mates are on a higher plane where there is neither Isaac Newton gravity nor  other banal matter.

Soul mates may qualify for the honor if they help the metaphorical old lady across the road; perhaps they  rather sweetly don’t make fun of your new zany astrology blog,;they were there for you when you tried to launch a  pop group called dandruff – and got booed ;they didn’t gossip when you had your heart broken in several places by a prickly porcupine of a Pied Piper with a secret ratty agenda- . Yes, soul mates raise the standard as they say in  soul mate oasis speak …

Soul mates do exist and they may even be asexual. perhaps just platonic. Ever heard of Plato, el Greco? Women who qualify to join my exclusive aquarium  don’t flirt  WITH my CRUSHES , and would lend me their best little white dress which compliments my “it’s better in the tropics” sun tan. I bet your white bits they would never wear white to my very white beach wedding under a full, big ball of a moon. and no, I would never willingly get branded unless it’s through a soul mate Cinderella tattoo .
Cinderella? You knew she was Pisces, right?

organizing your survival

It sure helps if you’re organised and know the basic tenet that in order to survive you have to do things the opposite of what you were doing before diagnosis.  Couch potato? Change attitude. Too much overcooked Western-style food? Think more raw, at least 50%. You don’t have to spend thousands on experts’ opinions when the best advice someone can give you is that three quarters of your plate should be vegetables.

Who are some of the experts I respect and are available at the click of a button? Dr Mercola. Natural News, both with an American following but also catching on and up over here in Europe. For more specialized cancer help I would recommend Bill Henderson who tutors you inexpensively, a site called cancer tutor, a blogger called Chris beat cancer, the highly successful Crazy sexy cancer survivor Kris Carr who has written best selling books which made it on the US best sellers list , a website called Beautiful on Raw and all raw food sites or even mags.

If your husband or wife is a bad influence be aware of this and cook several dishes, emphasizing wholesome food. Don’t overdo it with grains. They contribute to a high glucose diet which CAUSES cancer.

I will be giving you ideas about healthy breakfasts in the near future. A healthy breakfast is vegan. Think a giant fruit salad and then a vegetable and greens salad at 11 am. This is survival food. Guaranteed. Hot dogs are a no-no for the first five years. Did you read that? Or am I alone in a hot dog universe?Image 


Foods sourced Melatonin provides healthy way to fall asleep

My vegan onc cited a study where supplemented melatonin increased dramatically the effectiveness of the drug tamoxiden which normally gives you a 6% survival benefit.

Alchemical Body

Studies on melatonin have documented that the body’s own melatonin production helps us fall asleep, yet research on supplemental melatonin has been disappointing. What many have missed is that certain foods provide natural forms of melatonin, which have been shown to raise melatonin blood levels naturally and significantly aid sleep.

An abundance of research has linked higher melatonin levels with the ability to fall asleep. Yet this research has been done on the body’s own melatonin production. Melatonin production is stimulated by the pineal gland as the sun sets and the lights dim during the later evening. This helps us fall asleep, as melatonin helps slow down cellular metabolism.

As most of us age, and especially with higher stress levels, our body’s ability to produce melatonin wanes. This can produce a chronic issue of sleeplessness – which has the potential for producing greater risk of various disorders as we age…

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