Solo Traveler one

This is me on a solo holiday to Sri Lanka. It was a year after diagnosis and I remember being on a drug called Zoladex. This drug causes a hormone imbalance so severe that at one point the estrogen marker on my blood analysis said zero(0). I think a lot of people would survive ( but not necessarily thrive) if this drug managed to suppress your ovaries indefinitely, but, alas. it doesn’t. After about 1.5 years of taking it, I felt weird and a routine test done privately showed that the lining of my womb was thick. All the oncologists looked worried I might sue and I had a 1000 euro biopsy done to test for cancer there. Luckily I was ok. I stopped the drug and went on natural progesterone cream to balance out my extremely disturbed hormones. Then the menopause came with physical exercise, yoga and a little bit of patience. I was 53. The natural progesterone was so effective that my periods had returned and were regular. 10 POINTS for this plant extract. It’s from yams. In Nigeria where they eat a lot of yams women have a lot of twins. I didn’t but I have a scan in my file showing two of my eggs one on each side refusing to descend because of the awful drug I had been on. Why did I agree to take it? To avoid chemo. Did I do well? So far and five years out it seems I made the right decision…


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