Solo Traveler No Two

is_this_paradiseSolo Traveler.
Unawatuna. Is this paradise? It’s strange how death or disaster creep up on you, how stealthily and randomly they pounce. This is the beach that the world was looking at with horror THAT unforgettable Christmas when the tsunami struck, shaking the axis of the earth to its core… I was there ten months before and, fortunately for me, not on the fateful day that the giant wave engulfed a big part of the Indian Ocean- and therefore lucky.
My ancestors the Ancient Geeks theorised about Goddess Luck or Fortuna to use her Latin name and tried to appease her.
I must say I felt a strange detachment a television viewer sometimes experiences in the face of such a deluge. I also felt lucky to have escaped the earthquake’s cruel Biblical force when I heard about the havoc it had caused. Lucky lady.
I am passionate about the island of Serendipity, beautiful Sri Lanka and like a pilgrim I returned six years later for a visit. On my second visit to Unawatuna beach that is depicted here I was told that 45 people had died that day on this piece of tropical paradise.
I feel even more lucky for surviving the stealthy cancer that can creep up the axis of your own body, your spine, life-weary and weak from man-fangled treatment.So far, so good.
During my second visit to Unawatuna, I sought a woman who had given me a massage 6 six years later in a wooden hut right on the beach. The hut was still there. Her neighbours told me she had gone to a funeral the afternoon I tried to see her. I was relieved. She was alive and well. Another lucky lady like me….


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