Is this the magic bullet?

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Leave The Lindo Wing With Their Newborn Sonroyal baby-1BLACK AND WHITE TWINSarticle-2123050-125685B6000005DC-512_634x927interracial twins1075769_201010723390340_433849102_nersie2

Maybe it’s international cutesie day…

“Is this the magic bullet?” This eye catching title has been used in America to promote a very impressive food supplement called BIOBRAN MGN3. The advertising campaign was put to an abrupt end by the FDA. Fortunately for the manufacturers of this patented product and the cancer survivors fortunate enough to come across it and can afford it, it works. But since breast cancer has been affectionately dubbed “a rich woman’s disease” the average patient concerned can afford it. It’s a rich bitch problem because the bagage and garbage that comes with the lifestyle can seriously damage your health. 50% fat cheeses, gratins, expensive cuts of meat more often that is good for you, maids to do your physical exercise for you…shall I go on?

Two days ago I read an article in the British newspaper the Independent about promising new research by a small team of cancer researchers in the UK investigating NK cells or killer cells. They form part of the immune system and wrestle with germs and rogue cancer cells. I couldn’t resist mentioning this product. As the label of the product says. it strengthens the entire immune system and does so in specific ways. The number of NK cells are increased and their activity is ENHANCED. Am I biased? You would be if you saw the good numbers suddenly fly off your blood analysis. There is a pleasant side to the high price – you only take it for three months and the effects are lasting. Expect to pay 350 euros a month for three months. Look at several websites to compare prices. I emphatically endorse it.

What’s in it? Rice bran with shiitake mushrooms treated together to ferment and patented by a Japanese company. Living in Cyprus, I am off the FDA radar. Also buy rice bran oil and use it in cooking. I do. Info online.


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  1. Is this International ‘hug a little person day’? It feels like it. The Duchess of Cambridge is about to have a baby any day. Mark the occasion. Babies are us.This is me in the green cardigan age 23 with Tutu from the Sudan, now a grown woman.
    JUST heard the Duchess had a baby boy… Congratulations.

    The first picture had the cuteness factor which shouts out to you “Everything is connected” The second is me in green cardi age 23 and Tutu, 2 , from the Sudan who is now a grown woman.


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