106214-originalThe material girl, Madonna, is not just a pop music phenomenon but also a poster girl for a proactive interest in one’s health. Read my other post on this classmate of mine, a 1958 native, titled Our Lady of the Morning Dew.
The icons for a reactive approach to serious health, on the other hand, are several and will be occupying my mind in the next few posts.
One of these survivor celebrities as I have just dubbed them is a British scientist called Jane Plant. She was stage 4 and given five months to live with a tumor in her neck but managed to survive by using her common sense. Nowadays she eats venison and it has to be not industrialised venison as she puts it. You can watch her being interviewed on youtube ( DDIbOW) I am ashamed to say that even before I was diagnosed I had her excellent book at home as well as several other classic health masterpieces but ignored the message it contains. Still got milk? Throw it out. Follow an Oriental diet which is low in dairy and can help you live to a hundred.Or do what grandma did in the mountain village all those years ago. Boil a hen when you are ill or when the hen is ill. (old Cypriot joke). Drink raw goat’s milk and pray that you don’t die of botulism. Even with germs it’s healthier than industrialized milk.In fact, the extra germs make it tastier.
I have known for a long time that no species on this planet drinks the milk of another species except us. I also add that we are the only ones who eat cooked food. Does cooking subtract from the natural properties of food. I AM AFRAID SO, especially if you overdo the cooking.


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