It’s time for a great confession.


Regarding my survival, some people have been looking at me with narrow eyes because I am an unconventional oddity. My mother survived breast cancer in exactly the same way as me except for the fact that she was given a mastectomy because it was the done thing in those days.Incidentally, she got it in the right breast. Same as me. In Indian medicine if it’s the right breast that’s affected, you have problems with your father’s side of the family and if it’s your left side the screwed up relatives are those on your mother’s side. How true in my case. Nowadays we see less of this of the cutting off of the cancer. I read somewhere that French women rebelled against mastectomies and their voices were heard. They were the trailblazers, in other words. Then the experts had a look at the survival stats and concluded that mastectomies did not confer a survival advantage. My mother was not offered chemo. It either hadn’t been discovered or Big Pharma, like MacDonalds, considered tiny Cyprus commercially insignificant. I think it was normal around 1977 not to over treat people. She had the minimum done. A mastectomy and radiotherapy. she survived the cancer.
Now for my great big fat Greek confession. I think I owe my five year survival to an over the counter remedy called Natural Progesterone Cream. I was on it for a year before I was diagnosed. If you are interested in its effect go to the hormone pioneer called Dr John Lee. Harvard material. His descendants are keeping the flame and the website alive. He studied the hormone for 16 years at Harvard. No kidding. This stranger saved my life.
i SAW IT ADVERTISED IN A HEALTH MAGAZINE AND AFTER I sent a bank check it came in the mail. Now I am computer literate I order it online.It saved my life, honest. I found a random study which said that if the tumor(or tumors in my case) have a strong progesterone receptor it’s good news for your long term survival.
My doctor at the European Alternative Cancer Clinic where I have had treatment, Dr Rau recommends the cream to balance out the estrogen. Progesterone declines after age 35, hence the PMS symptoms.I hope u believe me. I have no reason to lie. More about this feel good hormone in a future post.


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