More wholesome nutrition recommended by experts.

eat-super-fruit-400x400I tend to need gurus and I put some of them on a pedestal. They may be online heroes, local experts here or in Greece including alternative practitioners who know their facts and are not afraid to be different. I can even forgive them for publishing teasers – articles which don’t reveal what they are going to be about to make you take a closer look. I have to mention another source of fibre excellent for breast cancer:prunes. They remove estrogen. It has even been proved in the lab.Image I have visited Andrew Weil’s website today.. If you click breast cancer you will learn many things. He mentions flax good for BC It’s very cheap. nutritious and anti=inflammatory. Perfect. I ate it for a long time everyday prepared in a blender with avocado and apple. You can grind flaxseed in a coffee grinder. Is better to eat it right away as it doesn’t keep. It is also possible to eat it off the spoon. Fibre lowers estrogen. Plants in their natural state naturally lower this hormone which explains why Asian women get less fact, in China this Western epidemic is known as a rich woman’s disease’ The traditional Asian diet is rich in plants and low in red meat.


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