About me

pizap.com1417626862585110575122_994311833918898_3456846640612752757_o1441434_10202062425257573_1044606402_nKim Kardashian107075-original186271_100000743663290_971282783_q(1)NO COPYRIGHTI guess I am unconventional which can be a refreshing change from following the crowd. I have had a life which was ordinary and extraordinary by turns. I like to think that if I was born again I would like to come back as me again except less quarrelsome but still fiery. If you have cancer I hope you get some benefit from reading the posts on this blog. I cannot advise you on which way to follow. Ican only tell you that I have come across people who were stage 4 and survived. Some with a change of diet from eating more fruit and veg to a more radical 80% raw food regiment or by going to an alternative cancer clinic or exercising the illness out of their system. Or by doing a bit of everything I just mentioned. A faith in nature as well as determination are both key to survival! href=”https://furiouscuriouscancersurvivor.wordpress.com/about/”>About me.


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