The world has gone its own way (but with wonderful diversity)

3987403758_b690d03dda$(KGrHqVHJCkFBfiD-G2ZBQeD5yzD)w~~60_35Fruit Picture

“The world will probably never right itself but try anyway” is my motto. This is one of the reasons I have started this blog. I have acquired some knowledge about how to survive stage three generic cancer and I like  to share it in a determined way even with people who don’t care about their health. I am a fine one to preach; last night I enjoyed a Greek Cypriot kebab in a big pitta pocket including the delicious pork sausages known as sheftalia. They are wrapped in sheep’s intestines. I just note that overcooked meat is bad for you, Marinade takes a lot of the cancer out of cooked meat so find a good recipe on the net and use it when you are barbecuing. This is borne out in scientific studies. I also need to emphasize that raw food is superior to cooked food. Our pets get similar cancers to us because they share our food. Elsewhere in nature animals stay healthy on raw.


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