A number of natural substances save lives


It was reportedoriginal drawingil_570xN.358495911_qk33 this week that vegetable oil (the cold-pressed variety is best) prevents metastases from happening in prostate cancer. This is true also for BC. For some months I was taking as much as six tablespoons of a mixture of good oil including pumpkin oil on a daily basis.. It didn’t do me any harm. It may even have saved my life. I am thinking of  starting again. You buy good quality oil at the health shop with the right balance of omega fatty acids and down them regularly for health. A German scientist who was Nobel  prize material was famous in mainstream circles in the 1960s for her work proving that good fats 70720656618476284_gxISLs92_fmixed with  cottage cheese stop cancer in its tracks. Her protocol is popular at European alternative cancer clinics.

I eat salad with olive oil. preferably organic.

Google Joanna BUTWIG for details on the cottage cheese recipe


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