coconut oil is the new olive oil

coconutsPIC_011007_4928_card516px-Sri_Lanka Portuguese quote of Arms

If the research quoted on Mercola’s site, the natural health authority with sound arguments -and honest says we should be on it to slim our waists let’s heed the sdvice,guys! COCONUT OIL IS KING



  1. Ah, coconut. So easy to digest and you don’t have to bother getting the organic versions. And it’s so easy on the stomach.

    Coconut flour
    Coconut palm sugar
    dried shredded coconut
    coconut milk (it comes in powdered form too)

    Just made some ‘crepes’ w/ more-or-less equal parts einkorn flour, coconut flour, corn flour, almond flour. 1/3 cup each, more or less. Maybe more of coconut, though, I forget now. I added several tablespoons of kava, salt, an egg, cream & water, coconut oil dribbled in.

    Make sure stuff is room temp, inc. egg and cream. For one thing, the flours absorb liquid better, for another, the oil won’t harden.

    Beat the egg in a measuring cup and then add 1/3 or so cup of cream plus same of warm water. Mix that well and add to the dry ingredients already in the food processor. Beat for 30 seconds or so and look at batter. It should be runny. (I’d have used coconut milk if I’d had any. Sometimes I add yogurt). If too thick add more liquid, if too thin, add more coconut flour. Whir again. I always put my fingers in to make sure all the lumps didn’t hide at the bottom.

    After it was all mixed, I noticed I’d left the shredded coconut on the counter so I stirred some in. I like crepe batter to ‘set up’ for a while, even with a food processor.

    Just cooked one and it’s exactly right for a crepe. IOW, a good thing to use as a ‘wrap’ in a casserole dish. Now I’ll cook and freeze the rest until I have some filling to put in them.

    Not supposed to have wheat or corn because of glycemic load, but they aren’t the major part of this…and I’ll be eating few and far between. Given the level of coconut, will probably use some curry flavors in the casserole.

    I have fibromyalgia so I have to do all this stuff in small steps. Three days ago I put all the flour bags in a basket, waiting for the right moment. Last night I added an egg to the basket. With FM, one learns to sneak up on tasks…

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