More wholesome nutrition recommended by experts.

eat-super-fruit-400x400I tend to need gurus and I put some of them on a pedestal. They may be online heroes, local experts here or in Greece including alternative practitioners who know their facts and are not afraid to be different. I can even forgive them for publishing teasers – articles which don’t reveal what they are going to be about to make you take a closer look. I have to mention another source of fibre excellent for breast cancer:prunes. They remove estrogen. It has even been proved in the lab.Image I have visited Andrew Weil’s website today.. If you click breast cancer you will learn many things. He mentions flax good for BC It’s very cheap. nutritious and anti=inflammatory. Perfect. I ate it for a long time everyday prepared in a blender with avocado and apple. You can grind flaxseed in a coffee grinder. Is better to eat it right away as it doesn’t keep. It is also possible to eat it off the spoon. Fibre lowers estrogen. Plants in their natural state naturally lower this hormone which explains why Asian women get less fact, in China this Western epidemic is known as a rich woman’s disease’ The traditional Asian diet is rich in plants and low in red meat.


About me

pizap.com1417626862585110575122_994311833918898_3456846640612752757_o1441434_10202062425257573_1044606402_nKim Kardashian107075-original186271_100000743663290_971282783_q(1)NO COPYRIGHTI guess I am unconventional which can be a refreshing change from following the crowd. I have had a life which was ordinary and extraordinary by turns. I like to think that if I was born again I would like to come back as me again except less quarrelsome but still fiery. If you have cancer I hope you get some benefit from reading the posts on this blog. I cannot advise you on which way to follow. Ican only tell you that I have come across people who were stage 4 and survived. Some with a change of diet from eating more fruit and veg to a more radical 80% raw food regiment or by going to an alternative cancer clinic or exercising the illness out of their system. Or by doing a bit of everything I just mentioned. A faith in nature as well as determination are both key to survival! href=””>About me.

Vegetarian from Day 1

compassionate teen Harley-McIntosh21Tsigganes-Greek_Roma-Gypsies

“What? You mean you’ve never tasted meat in your life?

I just love the look of shock on people’s faces, when they hear my Vegetarian story- simply, my life. Well you can’t quite blame them. Born and raised in Cyprus (which is well-known as the land of Souvla after all) blogger’s note(READ ON)Image

my whole sixteen years of existence have been meat-free, something even my parents didn’t expect. Ovo-lacto-vegetarian since birth, meaning I eat both eggs and dairy), my mother thought that once my sister and I hit our pre-teen years, we’d end up leaning on the Mc Donald’s counter ordering that Big Mac. Quite the contrary!

The idea of being vegetarian – let alone from birth – is an extraordinary thought for many Cypriots. The “If you don’t eat meat,chicken or fish, what do you eat?!”reaction seemed frustrating at age six, but is now a matter of routine. The thought of a pork chop touching my taste buds is displeasing, and I haven’t ever been tempted to taste meat.

But why?
As a child I was encouraged to be vegetarian but as I grew older, and had absolute freedom to make my own choice, I wouldn’t have it otherwise. I feel being vegetarian is only natural for me and my great love for animals makes it impossible fr me to imagine a once living creature on my plate. As George Bernard Shaw once said, ‘Animals are my friends – and I don’t eat my friends.”

What’s more, caring for the environment is a priority for me, and eating no meat contributes significantly to the conservation of nature. An average meat-eater produces 1.5 tonnes more CO2 than a vegetarian taking into account the energy required to produce feed. fertilizers, methane emissions etc.

My whole perspective on food is very different to most teenagers around me. I think it’s safe to say I lead a healthy lifestyle, in terms of diet, regular exercise and environmental awareness. My label-checking for non-veggie ingredients, not to mention unhealthy additives, is somewhat a crazy habit, but I like to know what goes into my body! And it pays off – as blood tests prove.

Being a young vegetarian is no joke. If you decide to switch to a vegetarian diet, you must make sure the transition is gradual and you’re eating the right things. Growing up on a meat-free diet is a serious matter. Only pasta and pastries doesn’t exactly constitute vegetarianism; that vegetarian diet is certainly not a healthy one!

To benefit from its positive effects and eliminate protein and iron-deficiency, careful- not difficult- attention is necessary. There are so many substitutes for meat and fish (legumes, nuts, dairy etc), that there’s hardly a problem. There are truly so many options – and for beginners, meat substitutes like Quorn taste and look like meat – or so I’ve been told!

After 16 years of well-being and feeling great, I owe it to my vegetarian diet, and my healthy conscience that goes hand in hand. I have never felt I was missing out on anything and really can’t imagine living otherwise!Food for thought…?

Monica M

The world has gone its own way (but with wonderful diversity)

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“The world will probably never right itself but try anyway” is my motto. This is one of the reasons I have started this blog. I have acquired some knowledge about how to survive stage three generic cancer and I like  to share it in a determined way even with people who don’t care about their health. I am a fine one to preach; last night I enjoyed a Greek Cypriot kebab in a big pitta pocket including the delicious pork sausages known as sheftalia. They are wrapped in sheep’s intestines. I just note that overcooked meat is bad for you, Marinade takes a lot of the cancer out of cooked meat so find a good recipe on the net and use it when you are barbecuing. This is borne out in scientific studies. I also need to emphasize that raw food is superior to cooked food. Our pets get similar cancers to us because they share our food. Elsewhere in nature animals stay healthy on raw.

A number of natural substances save lives


It was reportedoriginal drawingil_570xN.358495911_qk33 this week that vegetable oil (the cold-pressed variety is best) prevents metastases from happening in prostate cancer. This is true also for BC. For some months I was taking as much as six tablespoons of a mixture of good oil including pumpkin oil on a daily basis.. It didn’t do me any harm. It may even have saved my life. I am thinking of  starting again. You buy good quality oil at the health shop with the right balance of omega fatty acids and down them regularly for health. A German scientist who was Nobel  prize material was famous in mainstream circles in the 1960s for her work proving that good fats 70720656618476284_gxISLs92_fmixed with  cottage cheese stop cancer in its tracks. Her protocol is popular at European alternative cancer clinics.

I eat salad with olive oil. preferably organic.

Google Joanna BUTWIG for details on the cottage cheese recipe