Universal Female Goddess


A painting can take on a life of its own.

A painting can take on a life of its own.

Greek GoddessMaria Menounos , Greek Goddess

There are two paintings here and they couldn’t be more different. The modern one called Evelyn is by a self-taught female artist from Britain and the second one Bethsheba  is by Rembrandt, a depiction OF the legend of the Bible story using  his blonde mistress, a Rubenesque beauty  who died young, as a sitter. Both these works of art are united by a common theme – breast cancer. The Louvre painting is surrounded by speculation that the sitter may have had cancer without knowing it. THE APPEARANCE OF HER BREAST MADE AN ITALIAN DOCTOR IN 1967 CLAIM THAT SHE MAY HAVE HAD Breast Cancer. FOUR YEARS AGO THE PAINTINGS FORMED PART OF AN EXHIBITION AT THE LOUVRE TO RAISE AWARENESS OF THIS OLD UNIVERSAL DISEASE.AND THE NEED FOR PREVENTION OR EARLY DETECTION. NOTE THE HAPPY EXPRESSION ON THE SITTER’s Face in the painting Evelyn. THhref=”https://furiouscuriouscancersurvivor.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/598px-rembrandt_harmensz__van_rijn_016.jpg”>598px-Rembrandt_Harmensz__van_Rijn_016.



Of course I am against self-mutilation. In a perverse way this is connected with her previous publicized antics and leads us backward rather than forward.She was always self-harming. Now she has had a voluntary double mastectomy for so called preventive reasons.. And told. Women have flocked to be tested, even though only 5% of women carry the defective gene. Not forgetting that these tests cost thousands of euros/dollars. Research that suggests that diet and lifestyle changes can delay and even prevent inherited breast cancer has been suppressed or ignored in this instance.

Very few people are willing to change their diet. A survey in Australia has found that only 15% of cancer patients change their diet and lifestyle. The others probably  put too much trust in luck or conventional doctors . In this connection, an anthropologist once said that it’s easier to change somebody’s religion than their diet. So true.