Diet modification saves lives


In the UK in recent weeks the Daily Mail has given a lot of publicity to the so-called Two Day Diet to prevent breast cancer. It advocates calorie and carbohydrate restriction for just two days a week to make it motivating. The Uni that has shaped this flexible regime has actually tested it and found it reduces certain hormones that should stay low for breast and reproductive health The other five days you are advised to eat a healthy Mediterranean diet. My main criticism is that the diet emphasizes milk. I thought milk CAUSED breast cancer, along with a high fat diet, inadequate intake of dietary fibre and, last but not least, lack of physical exercise, even from a young age.Image

This diet seems to be related to the intermittent fasting diet which was all the rage before this latest wonder diet. However, I am a convert to eating less and I am certain “forgetting to eat” as a health writer puts it would prevent a lot of cancers. After all, don’t we overeat in the affluent West? Sickness and Death by the fork.


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