Our Lady of the Morning Dew

I am going to do a bit of name-dropping in my third post. I actually like both Madonnas, the  Jesus Madonna and her Italian-American namesake, Madonna Ciccone, who recently had a Brazilian toyboy lover-also called Jesus.

The former is a  kind of universal symbol of fertility, like a lot of female deities-she is left holding the baby in practically all the icons I have seen. I have even dug up a Madonna of the (nourishing and life-enhancing) Morning Dew in Cordova, Spain.

The latter, the Italian-American celebrity, is a twentieth century phenomenon who has outsold all female vocalists except La Barbara. I see that her birthday is on 16 August which means she is a charismatic Leo and a driven number 7 (1 plus 6)with the ability to make a lot of money. There might be something in numerology after all.

A lot of people know that Madonna lost her mother at a young age but I recently read that her mother died of breast cancer at the age of 30. I have also just consulted Wikipedia, which says that Madonna witnessed her mother looking beautiful in an open casket  but was traumatized when she realised that her mouth had been sewn up. The young girl became rebellious at a later stage when her father conveniently married the housekeeper.

Whether losing her Mother at such a young age (she was only five, and at an age when you don’t understand that death is permanent) to a very serious illness made Madonna obssessive about healthy eating and doing intensive exercise sessions three hours daily is, I dare say,  a possibility. She follows a vegeterarian, microbiotic diet “religiously” and has prescribed-through her lawyers- the same for her children, if the tabloids are to be believed. More about the microbiotic diet in a future post.