Tea is anti-cancer

New research from the University of Uppsala in Sweden

encourages tea drinking FOR BREAST CANCER PREVENTION.TEA



If, like me you sometimes wonder about the benefits of black vs green or even white tea, read this post by Dr Axe which I think infers that the least processed stage is the best!   https://draxe.com/health-benefits-of-white-tea/

  1. 1.
    relating to or arising from non-genetic influences on gene expression.
    “epigenetic carcinogens”

a concealed fact


Genes aren’t destiny. In a study of cancer research tracing the health of adopted children and their biological and adoptive parents, heredity was found to play no part in health.


I am always interested  in well-designed human studies OF HEALTH AND DISEASE  that juxtupose nature vs nurture. I also believe the above quotation as fact. Such a common sense conclusion is often concealed under mountains of irrelevant and unnecessary medical research in scientific journals and reports in the press.Experts hunt for cures and pills, not ‘THE TRUTH’! I therefore suggest this FACT should be given prominence! Prevention is King!

Cancer is a nutrition and lifestyle product so don’t blame your genes.Blame MONSANTO!

Just joking! You know what I mean. We should all work for a cleaner environment and eat healthy food that is yin and yang balanced!

In the last  few weeks I have veered away from the purpose of this blog which is the prevention and gentle treatment of cancer in the vicinity of nature.

I want to use the above quote as a turning point to things nutritional and lifestyle

at least for today. Then I will create a couple of pages directing newly diagnosed

cancer survivors to specialised alternative cancer blogs… My role is that of stirrer and informal, barefoot and unpaid amateur guru! I am not a Know it all vitamin peddler but a friend to all!

In the next week or so I will do a post about the Furious Curious  protocol part 2 in which I name the food supplements and lifestyle changes that will guarantee you survive and or avoid cancer, if you are well and cancer free. The rest is up to you.

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a frivolous American





adjective friv·o·lous \ˈfri-və-ləs\
Popularity: Top 20% of words

Simple Definition of frivolous

  • : not important : not deserving serious attention

  • : silly and not serious

 A definition from the Urban dictionary
frivolous:lacking importance- adjective
ex:I was appalled that she would spend tons of money on something so frivolous
by parisologyperson May 22, 2008
In my humble opinion, it was frivolous of the American electoral system to have promoted Donald Trump for THE REPUBLICAN NOMINATION. He is winning in many states.
I think that even if he wins, the less frivolous Democratic candidate will get through and win! For America’s sake, f..k it!
I had a look at an article in Fortune Magazine about Le Donald and even
this publication of the privileged and ‘FORTUNATE’ pours fun on this unlikely, frivolous, what’s the word? yes UNIMPORTANT caricature of a Republican!
America, snap out of it!
Remember that silly, even frivolous,joke Ronald Reagan made? About beginning bombing in five minutes? This Republican will go ahead and do it! Bomb the globe!

the price of survival





“I did not feel like a survivor, I was a victim.

I felt like I had lost my life that day.”

Those were the words of Marcy Borders who on 9/ 11 was the 28 year old bank worker

we all saw and came to recognise as ‘the dust lady.’

She died 14 years later from cancer and there were several newspaper articles discussing her short life and what happened to her: how badly she coped with the experience of surviving the event that traumatised the globe.

Writing on 22/3. a day of another horrific  terrorist strike I am just going to say that there were many stories of hope, strength and positivity, too,  in the aftermath of 9/11. As a survivor from cancer, I can vouch that life feels precious -every single minute, in fact after a life-threatening experience!

a Friend and soul mate



100000743663290pizapw1407693116Soul mates do exist and it’s a great thing too  and  very romantic.

You know what  my star sign Pisces is like – they exist in a celestial dimension where traffic is other’loony moonies fluttering past you  headed for the friendly fairy fountain  even though the clutter  is strewn like sea leaves  on the ocean floor. But untidiness doesn’t matter one  Cinderella rat’s tail  because the soul and its mates are on a higher plane where there is neither Isaac Newton gravity nor  other banal matter.

Soul mates may qualify for the honor if they help the metaphorical old lady across the road; perhaps they  rather sweetly don’t make fun of your new zany astrology blog,;they were there for you when you tried to launch a  pop group called dandruff – and got booed ;they didn’t gossip when you had your heart broken in several places by a prickly porcupine of a Pied Piper with a secret ratty agenda- . Yes, soul mates raise the standard as they say in  soul mate oasis speak …

Soul mates do exist and they may even be asexual. perhaps just platonic. Ever heard of Plato, el Greco? Women who qualify to join my exclusive aquarium  don’t flirt  WITH my CRUSHES , and would lend me their best little white dress which compliments my “it’s better in the tropics” sun tan. I bet your white bits they would never wear white to my very white beach wedding under a full, big ball of a moon. and no, I would never willingly get branded unless it’s through a soul mate Cinderella tattoo .
Cinderella? You knew she was Pisces, right?

Old /New Windows

you need to visit another wordpress blog to view the beautiful pic of the old windows I found after searching online. Have a great week!




Week of the loner

Here is a juxtaposition of old and new. The new windows are a peak into the soul of my favourite city, Lisbon!I have reblogged the other pic for the purpose of contrast of new and old…. as my scanner is not working and I couldn’t share my husbands pics! Here is another talented photographer on wordpress. He provides a picture from my tiny but beautiful country Cyprus…

Post by @r1gmover.

Source: Old Windows

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Blue green envy recipe


I used to know a barman called Stelios Sourmelis in my country Cyprus who boasted to the customers of the bar at the Forest Park Hotel  where he worked  that he had invented our unofficial  national cocktail, Brandy Sour.

The sensational twist to this amusing (to us) story is that King Farouk of Egypt visited Cyprus often in those days to relax in the cool climate of our beautiful mountain, Troodos and the creation of the pioneering drink was meant to disguise the alcohol, as his Majesty was Moslem.

The colorful  Stelios and his family were our next door neighbours and close friends. He has passed away but I know his children and I will ask for more information about the veracity of this story as it’s fascinating…..I just consulted wikipedia. Yes, the story I remember and just related to you is mentioned but the writer of the post omits the name of the inventor.  A great omission, for sure! I will try and edit this wiki page as a tiny contribution  honouring Stelios’ legacy!

Envy  - Hola Tequila Book

Photo for Hola Tequila Book

I bet other barmen envy the more creative chefs behind the bar. It’s a creative vocation. So much that one of these guys and gals  invented a cocktail called envy shown in the above photo!

Here’s the recipe for Brandy Sour:

  • 5 cl (two parts) Cyprus brandy
  • 2.5 cl (one part) lemon squash
  • 2-4 drops of bitters
  • Top with carbonated water


A drop in the ocean

a_drop_in_the_ocean_by_missheatherelizabeth-d5kad5klet’s play the game of word association…which brings us to
lost but still resonating love
“A Drop In The Ocean”
I couldn’t have put it better than Ron Pope in his lyrics!

“A drop in the ocean
A change in the weather
I was praying that you and me might end up together
It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert
But I’m holding you closer than most ’cause you are my heaven.”



Misstep accomplished!


Wasn’t it Queen B who once said: 

“I am not bossy. I am the boss.”???????

Beyonce is a role model to us Mediterranean and other curvy women for some important reasons.Number one being body confidence!
She is comfortable in her own skin and bootylicious. We’ve had enough of
willowy blondes here in the Med! One tiny criticism of her? She should continue stepping out on the world stage in her inimitable way but avoid missteps! What am I referring to? Her habit of photoshopping her shapely legs and including a false thigh gap! Let’s consider this an isolated misstep. Otherwise, very positive!